Resources are materials describing the development and implementation of the 69Express Project. Here you can find the newest information about the Project and its current activities, why it’s needed and how it will benefit the community. Additional content is also available in our Phase II Report. Discover specific types of content by clicking on a category — where cards are organized from newest to oldest — and review resource titles and descriptions for an overview. Clicking on a resource card will open a new window with the resource file. You can also use our search tool — the blue search icon located in the main menu — to search by keyword.


  • Advisory Group – Activities of community leaders advising the Project
  • Background – General documents about activities leading up to Project approval
  • Community Outreach – Project updates, focus group reports, and outreach summaries
  • Environmental Documents – Statements, studies, and notices about Environmental Assessment
  • Fact Sheets – Brief summaries on a variety of Project topics and issues
  • Reports – Documentation of analyses, surveys, and evaluations of the Project 


Project Newsletter #6

The Overland Park City Council, Kansas Turnpike Authority and State Finance Council have approved ETLs for U.S. 69 Highway. Community engagement efforts will continue.

Executive Summary

Describes key elements of the U.S. 69 Modernization and Expansion Project undertaken to date, beginning in October 2020.